ive seen enough of these naked bodies

it’s not art any more to me. it’s not punk rock. it’s not an acheivement. all it is is a symbol of organization and planning. which isnt art.

in fact im starting to think that if you have thousands of naked bodies why arent you doing something with them?

have them clean a park. have them pick up syringes on the beach. have them all vote democrat.

but have them get on their knees and bend at the back so all we see are hunched backs? i dont get it.

if the artist is saying that the human body is beautiful and dramatic and grand in large numbers, prove it. have them show their naughty bits.

have them kung fu fighting.

have them all playing chess. have them all playing twister. have them all typing on typewriters writing shakespeare.

have them all curing aids.

art isnt what it used to be back in the day when everyone was painting their asses off. now they have people showing their asses off, so i say lets see a thousand moons over miami. i mean, seriously. what is the damn use if youre not going to use it?

must i solve all the worlds problems?

you know my problem today?

my problem is that i miss karisa today.

i missed her yesterday too. we dont really have set days that we hang out or talk on the phone. but usually on sundays we’ll talk and talk and sometimes hang out.

but this week shes on the east coast on top secret assignment. away from me. and because of this the clouds are gray.

june gloom indeed.

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