jewel thinks she can get on the busblog by dressing like a ho

but its not so.

you can get on the busblog if youre writing good songs, or singing good songs, or shredding on guitar or dressing like a skank ho, but a normal ho isnt such a sure thing as the normal ho look can be found in any window in the mall these days.

jewel. didnt you have a poetry book a year or two ago?

it makes me sad when pretty girls think that they have to slap their bitch up and dance the seven veils for us at halftime of an nba finals so more units can get rung up at the virgin megastore. at what point do you look yourself in the eyeliner and say its time to crawl back in the back into the minivan with your mom and drive back to alaska?

people think that mariah became the best selling female artist in history because sex sells. mariah became the best selling female artist because she can sing her ass off And because sex sells. its the one two punch. if you only have one or the other you dont have mariah you either have a good singer or a ho. neither are guaranteed to sell.

jewel knows better than this. eve six knows better than this. mtv and even david stern knows better than this, but they keep hoeing out america teaching the kids the wrong lessons and putting things on the tv that we dont want.

we do want sex. we do want sexy singers. but we dont want jewel. we want lil kim. we want xtina. we want traci lords. you people know who we want but you give us these second and third rate falling stars instead.

destiny’s child we want. we dont care what jerseys they wear. britney will do in a pinch.

the laker girls are always good. who cares what the lakers do.

but we dont want jewel unless shes in the pages of playboy, or legs crossed with a guitar yodelling something worthwhile.

next time deliver us bjork.

who can sing.

and who might make us actually tune into a jersey / san antonio game three.

or better yet the donnas, who are hot in many ways, who rock in more ways, and show that you dont need to show off your ass to rock a house party.

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