remember when beck was cool?

ah, memories.

got on the bus this morning and tried to read the article that Los Angeles magazine wrote about taking the bus around la. of course there werent any pictures, just illustrations, because using public transportation in this town is good but only in theory. lord help you if you actually got near a bus to write about it.

for some reason they chose to ride the bus from northridge to long beach which are opposite ends of la county.


why must i constantly fix the entire world?

what they should have done was take it from the valley to LAX, or from long beach to staples center or from east la to santa monica pier, you know, actual trips that people would possible make if they knew they could. (you can).

if youre dumb enough to live in long beach and attend cal state northridge when theres a perfectly good cal state long beach minutes away, then you deserve to suffer.

regardless, los angeles magazine just proved what we all knew long ago, if you want any info about taking the bus and or rail and or subway in la, you need look no further than the busblog cuz i wont bog you down with bullshit theories about “what if you wanted to go from A to Z” cuz i actually go there. and its not a big deal.

in india people ride on the outside of the trains, they ride on the top of the trains, ive even seen pictures of some very talented commuters riding under the damn train. right now if i wanted to i could get to any part of LA within an hour for free because i have a bus pass.

ok, maybe it would take a little more than an hour. and it is lunch time. and it might take well over an hour if things are fucked up, as they often are, but people are often times pleasantly suprised by where you can go and how easilly you can do it if you actually open your eyes and give it a whirl.

for example. today im eating lunch at the la county museum because its crappy outside and i like to be inside on crappy days.

if i wanted to go to the airport right now i could take the rapid to the red line, the red line to the blue line, the blue line to the green line and then the shuttle to LAX. only because i would have to change trains would it take me about two hours. and since one of the transfer spots is in Watts, its not the most popular route among the non-xbi crowd.

which is why i suggest taking the 720 to santa monica and taking the Big Blue Bus ($.75) to the transfer station by the airport and then the shuttle.

when i first moved here i heard that david byrne took the bus all the time, and i thought he was super cool for doing that. then i heard brian eno was the same way. then i heard that beck took the bus and then i heard it was just a rumor.

i think beck should go back to riding the bus. his shit was better then. elvis costello said he wrote most of get happy by taking the bus down santa monica blvd and just looking at the store fronts.

i think elvis should go back to riding the bus too.

i saw a great thing on shane mcgowan of the pogues last night on the sundance channel.

that guys so drunk all the time i hope he is always on the bus.

i dont know what i want to do with my life any more.

a lot of the people on the bus are mexican, and most of the drivers are black. so since im black maybe i should drive a bus?

what id rather do is drive a limo.

but what id secretly rather do is just write and write and write and write.

karisa called me at work, and then chris did, then jeanine did. i called karisa back but her sister allisa answered and i was all karisa? and she said no, hold on. then karisa said tony? i said hi! she said me and my sister are just sitting here by the pool and i said i cannot stand up. and i really couldnt.

the newly designed la examiner + hollywood mogul brian linse + some people do like my poems

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