what do you want them to do when you die?

cards i want there to be a party.

i want there to be several kegs.

i want there to be loud music and bands playing and great food and i dont want people to dress uncomfortably or feel like they have to say good things about me if they dont wanna.

i want ac/dc to play on the boom box, and zep, and the beastie boys, the replacements, the police, and of course all my favorite bands from isla vista, and of course tsar.

i want people to kiss each other and hug.

i would want people to exchange recipies for baked goods, and i want the girls who have crushes on boys to tell at least one of them, and vice versa.

i would want people to wear silly hats and play spin the bottle.

i would want karisa to teach everyone how to play Allen and afterwards nobody drive home drunk because there might be a quota as to how many people make it to heaven on a particular day and i dont need any damn competition.

i would want people to read from the Bible but not in a ned flanders dumbass born again way, but in a real way.

i want someone to say Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with gay people, and then i want a lot of people to say Right On!

i want there to be soul food and soda pop and bacon frying and a barbeque.

i want people to talk about life and love and living and possibilities and how i talked a mighty good game but i hardly lived for the day the way i wish i could live. people like stacy sullivan and dan grant and hillary clinton really lived for the day, but i wouldnt want anyone to talk about politics.

i would want people to get high.

i would want people to dance on my grave.

i would want people to breakdance on my grave.

i dont want flowers, give them to your mommas.

i would want fireworks and a huge makeout session and jello wrestling and happiness.

mallory + doktor frank + three hot chicks living in norman, one named lauren one named kristen!

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