things are kind of maney here at the office today.

some guy quit and threatened to expose the xbi for what it is. but the stupid thing is the cops, the fbi, and even the judges know what the xbi is and how we grease the wheels of justice.

only people who dont know are the press and some of the press know and keep their mouths shut.

the santa barbara mafia know, but they know everything.

so anyway, now everyone is out to get the guy who is breaking the first rule of fight club.

which is scary cuz we might get found out, but its also fun cuz none of us liked this guy in the first place and everyone has been waiting for this time to beat the crap out of him.

me, i just want to write to you and enjoy the sun and think about fonder days. days when i woke up in the arms of america and was pulled back into bed with gentle pleas and warm caresses and i even was allowed the opportunity to burn a sick day in the name of love and lust.

freedom, where have you flown off to?

dont get me wrong, im not sad. if anything today finds your narrator in great spirits, oddly.

great for no reason.

theres no girl who wants to wear my pin. theres no ball club who wants to pick up my option. theres no weapons inspectors interested in my dirty bombs.

all i have is you bloggy blog.

all i have are these pixels and kilobytes.

some guy wants to know why we will miss miss katherine hepburn and its cuz we are sentimental people who grow to like the actors who perform for us.

someone told me a little story of arnold schwartzennegar and his wife walking down the street the other day and how the public ran out of their doors to hunt him down and demand his attention and his autograph. there is a price of fame which is why karisa doesnt want it. and it doesnt matter if you have more oscars than any other female actress and it doesnt matter if you never will be nominated.

our celebs make us feel better somehow, especially when theyre near us. and for that reason we should give them a break when theyre down on their luck and why we should respect them when they bow out after 96 years.

when i pass away i want people to know that i had an extremely blessed life. that i wasnt born with any obvious deformities. that i had a good childhood and a fine education and loving girlfriends and amazing friends.

and i had what some of the ladies were quoted as calling “magical hands.”

which doesnt mean that i shouldnt be remembered fondly when i go.

i guess all i want is to be remembered at all.

which i dont mind doing for miss hepburn today.

inluminent + wKen + mr. pennyworth

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