Crazy weekend this weekend

some of it xbi related which we will get to later when i answer the ask tony questions.

part of the crazy weekend involved seeing Precious with karisa at the Grove.

the Grove is a strange “mall” in the heart of LA. it’s really a lot like Disneyland and movie stars shop there sotherefore tourists and paparazzi are there, but i like the Grove for the Farmers Market which is super old school and dates back all the way to the 30s of LA.

(it was also immortalized in this photo essay starring omg danielle.)

the Grove is usually a pretty horrible place for guys like me to shop because they dont have a lot of stores for men, its typically very crowded because its super popular, and there are also lots of children that tend to get stepped on.

but i love the movie theatre there and like i said, the food. so karisa forced me to read Push by sapphire so we could see the film. karisa reads a ton, but she doesnt see many movies. at theatres. me, i see lots of films, but i dont read lots of books.

anyways the book was pretty good. the movie was pretty bad (if you read the book), but the conversation that karisa and i had after the film about the book and its treatment was great. in a way it helped us appreciate the movie more because in some ways the movie patched up some of the rough spots of the book. unfortch it also glossed over some of the more interesting parts of said novel.

we ate crepes while thousands of people gathered for the Lighting of the Tree.

Lonestar, Sean Paul, and I think the Pope were all going to perform. needless to say parking was crazy and the little children underfoot was a-plenty.

at the movies, there were even more children. apparently there was a film called Twilight that got everyone to rush to the movies to see, and who knew thered be little little kids for that?

i expected teens and tweens but not elementary kids with their moms.

afterwards i ran around my neighborhood and passed out in a sweaty heap and watched the bears end their season.

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