if i ever got married

id have kanpai cater it.

drove across town, right next to LAX on the day before turkey day

which took longer than it should, because of the promise to eat this delicacy with a beautiful girl.

lucky us the place was empty at 3pm. they used to be closed at that time but i guess they figured what the hell. the good news for us, most people thought theyd be closed.

the food, im telling you, melts in your mouth.

everything is created in such a way that it wants to jump in your belly.

and the beer was in a frosty mug, and the saki was in a steaming little cup of buzz.

the truest loved it, obvs, then bailed to prepare for demain.

so i went shopping at the new fox hills mall.

then i went shopping at borders books. then i got a call from karisa, she wanted to drink and maybe get a bite.

she called over another friend and all three of us had really good mexican.

then karisa said hey lets get some bottles of wine and bring em back to the crib

so i went to the market, took a picture of this breaking news

and i saw that at this “package store”, as miss western mass said, that they had Cain V

but sorry i dont lay out $150 for a bottle of wine,

so i asked the dude, not expecting a good answer,

hey do you have Cain Cuvee by any chance?

and bros eyes got big and he brought out a feather duster

and right under the Cain V was three bottles of Cain Cuvee

and he dusted them off and handed me a bottle

which i accepted, and tomorrow im driving back there to get the other two

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