the mcrib is back

after my last physical, my doc said my saturated fats were a tad higher than they should be.

i asked, so instead of going through drive thru three times a week, i should only go once a week?

he said, exactly.

so today after work im going to go to mcdonalds, get a mcrib extra value meal, no onions, no pickles, and im gonna down that sucker like its a hundred dollar steak.

because to me, there really isnt a much better treat that one can get in a drive thru than a mcrib, fries, and a coke.

yesterday i tried to be good. i was at a cuban place and i ordered scallops. what could go wrong?

it appears that they put a whole stick of butter in their pan when they make the scallops, which is fine by me, but across town my nutritionist was scowling.

i had woken up hungover and the nfl pregame show wasnt helping cuz everyone yells on that show. so i took two alleves and drank some water.

about 15 minutes later i was nautious and 15 mins after that i was hurling. strangely all that came out was the water, but my neighbors probably thought i was having a baby in there.

it wasnt until 230 that i actually got anything more than a banana in my belly and it was those scallops and rice and plantains and black beans. and a coke. a regular coke, from the fountain. all carbonated and beautiful.

30 minutes after that lunch/breakfast i was on top of the world.

then at night i ran for an hour. 5.2 miles around hollywood at midnight.

theres nothing like it.

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