this is a song about a superhero named tony

its called tonys theme

He’s got the oil on his chain, for a ride in the rain
No baloney
Ride around on my bicycle like a pony
I’m waving hi, hi, hi, hi, hi
Gu-gu-gu-Gimme a scream
Give me– give me the theme
Of Tony

pitt: are we the last of a dying breed? sports wise? musically? bloggerly?

i think so. and i think it starts with the music. and the kids. seems to me that you dont have to learn to play an instrument any more for the ladies to look yr way. thus music is over. and where are the poets? if the girl across the class room will say hi to you because of your turquoise scarf and white hat or because you friended her on facebook and poked her properly, then wheres the rock gonna come in? if you can make millions at 16 years old writing an iphone app of fart sounds why would you pick up a guitar? meanwhile any time the yankees buy a world series its pretty disconcerting. our only hope is better blogs and bloggers. that and cheap practice rooms. i never hear kids playing in garages or in basements. and if i think i do its usually some kids who are really good at guitar hero.

Keira-Anne: Would you ever consider growing a handlebar moustache? I think it’d be hot on your face.

if i could grow a handlebar moustache id be rockin that thing rollie fingers style for sure. sadly the only place i can grow hair reliably is on my back, belly, and in my nose.

Andrea: Does it feel weird to you that 2010 is almost here? With everything we’ve gone through since, it seems almost adorable that ten years ago people were freaking over a computer digit.

ten years ago my friends and i were so unconcerned with those computer digits that we all flew to spain to see tsar play. if y2k were to strike we would have been stuck in a foreign land with little money and the greatest rock band on the globe. even if it had happened i dont think we’d have noticed since we were drinking cuba libres at a house party slash club with the lights off dancing to pauls boutique on a glorified boom box. seems to me that the only two technical advances since then is the iphone and cheap flat screen tvs.

Joe: Tony, I am an excitable fellow. A lot of times this is good, however, I would like to try and stay on a more even keel… How can I bring a little more Zen into my life?

there are several natural and effective ways to stay more even keeled, but the side effect is your highs arent as high and your lows arent so low. i say live. i say live with the extremes and learn how to shave off a hair from each side. or when in doubt, sip a little rum or date a mellow chick.

adriel: why do d-bags get play? and not just the affliction t-shirt wearing ones, but all of them. how is it that they manage to pull even decent ladies?

some women, like some men, enjoy shiny things. also, dumb things. its low pressure and in this complex stressful days, its nice to come home to something adorably dumb to forget about global warming and the daily grind. plus dbags are fun. theyre easily amused and they never run out of drinking games.

alecia: what is your favorite way to cook an egg?

early, topless, hung over, at a camp site, in an old pan, filled with bacon fat, while drinking the last warm beer.

g/d: embroidered jeans t-shirts and hats, should I be digging this? (because not really feeling it) or should I be digging a hole and throwing it all in?

theres nothing about ed hardy, formerly von dutch that you should embrace. those clothes are designed that way to make it easy for the aliens When The Time Comes.

zona: I drove 14 hours from Salt Lake to Vancouver Friday so I didn’t get a question in before the deadline. We still cool?

you should probably put yrself in timeout for a few minutes.

bloopy: gonna be headed to austin – any suggestions on where to eat?. . .

everyone tells me how great the burgers are at Casino el Camino. ive had probably 3-4 there but every time i leave im so drunk i dont really remember the food. so go there and tell me if its any good.

David: good new bands that we should be supporting??

those darlins

edward sharp and the magnetic zeros

Mike: when did sammy sosa get green eyes and start turning white?

if youre referring to this, our pal Urban Hayseed just emailed me with a similar question. but heres how i stand on all things Sosa, if you hit 500 home runs for the Cubs, you can do pretty much anything you want. you can leave a game early, you can accidentally use your corked practice bat in a game, you can probably use roids, and you can wear colored contacts and have your skin turn to almost the same shade as mine.

sammy kisses to all of you

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