today is AJ’s birthday

look how professional she looks in that shot!

aj is a diamond in the not-s0-rough although she lives in NY.

shes a glam rocker at heart, a punk in practice, and a grunge alt mermaid in spirit.

i dont know how i met her. probably in a dream. i think she had pink hair. maybe it was blonde with pink highlights and maybe a feather in there somewhere.

she may have had a scowl, which didnt bother me, because after a few minutes in the college radio station where im pretty sure we met i was rockin the scowl too.

convinced her that the newspaper was the way to go and we were fast friends foreverz.

of course i was enamored with her. of course i spent as much time as i could with her.

of course we listened to record after record, cd after cd, tape after tape, of the birth of grunge.

we blazed through metalblade, sst, and subpop in those days as if they were crack, because in a way they were. every now coming up for air with some new beasties, PE, and LL.

when it became obvs that the libra + scorpio dynamic was not going to happen i eventually ended up with Jeanine (above) and we three posed for one of my favorite pics ever. this was at a party at the Playpen (aj’s apartment) when The Wonderfuls arrived, playing, in a convertible, utilizing their wireless mics and guitars.

now AJ is teaching the kids in new york and brooklyn. shes making movies about the proper way to teach OBGYNs, shes writing books about how lesbians can teach straight guys how to be with women, and of course shes teasing us all with lil hints about taking the show on the road and heading back west.

whereever she goes the sun will shine brighter. and the music will rock harder. happy birthday Amy Jo!

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