no need to protest my employers, sean

some of the bad review was just. i havent given 110% in anything that ive done lately.

it’s not their fault.

they provide a valuable service to society and that is why i work for them.

i blame allen greenspan.

and this isnt a debate because im not interested in hearing from a bunch of blowhards like economists, or stock market wanks, or the educated or anyone, because they werent there and i was.

i was right in the middle of the ground zero of the eMiracle and i benefitted from it and i suffered because of it and i have no fear pointing the finger and when i do i aim it right at the empty space that should be his heart and i judge.

and a few weels ago i was judged.

and i nearly wept.

the difference between me and allen is that when im judged and i think about giving up, i dont have a mansion and a driver waiting for me.

i have two.

and ive got a dick that works.

but in truth, i have been half assing. im even half assing on this beautiful site.

how terrible must you be when you procrastinate on your main form of procrastination?

this thing could be so beautiful and outrageous and inspirational and sexy and spell checked, but im still moping and some of you cant tell, weirdly, but this is far from spectacular.

people speculate, but people, im not even chasing girls, im running from them. tell me, how crazy is that?

i havent written a poem in forever.

i have no novels to show for all this rum i drink.

no cable access tv talk show called “bloggers” taking the country by storm.

ive been slacking so bad that when three million hits smacked this site last month, did i do anything special to keep them coming back here?


below average.


baseball blog quitter.

right handed pinch hitter.

i dont even steal half the shit that i should off grokster.

and when i do i ignore it and dont burn it.

super athletic exotic funny smart big titted girl from somewhere hinted that she wanted me to take her to an adults only prom and i want a picture of her ass because it is flawless and perfect and guess how many times she asked and guess how many times i said no.

the answer equals my iq

and allen, i still pray against you.