Q. Do u have a few minutes Tony?

A. just a few, how can i help?

Q. a/s/l

A. 108/m/hollywood

Q. Last time u had sex/made love?

A. girls dont wanna have sex with me

Q. R U gay?

A. drop your girl off here and find out.

Q. I dont have a girl;

A. why doesnt that surprise me.

Q. do u roll

A. english, speak english or die

Q. ecstacy?

A. oh, that. dude, i went to ucsb.

Q. SO?

A. U Can Study Buzzed

Q. ????

A. ok, then, no, no i have never done that.

Q. Why?

A. cuz it’s illegal, and the citizenry should obey the laws, even if it means not taking pills that make you happy.

Q. r u into stile?

A. if i was 15 and never saw titties, i’d love stile.

Q. What’s the deal with Ashley?

A. ask her yourself.

Q. No. Is she cool?

A. theres no way i deserve a girl like her.

Q. What do u mean

A. one more question and im out

Q. What place would you like to visit b4 u die?

A. Christ’s tomb in Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre

Q. ????

A. ask your teacher.

Q. We don’t learn that shit.

A. you should. ask your teacher.

who’s the luckiest man in america?

me. but you knew that.

i had a great weekend this weekend and i hope you did too.

summer finally came to the tri-counties and it couldnt have come at a better time.

so what do i do? me and chris and chris’s sister went to the fancy-dancy $14 movie theatre and finally saw Spider-Man. what a great movie! totally made me wanna see Army of Darkness and Evil Dead 2 again — which laid the groundwork for the cool parts of Spider-Man.

why havent any of the reviewers said anything like that? maybe they did, i wouldnt know, i dont read the reviews until i see the film.

anyhow, im in a terrific mood and i can barely contain it.

mostly cuz i have you on my blog reading my words, and that makes me so happy.

im bummed that i missed emmanuelles sweet party, but i made due.

maybe one day the cheerleaders will let me tell you.

but i think ive said too much already.

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