anna was over last night.

anna kournikovafirst thing she said when she came over was so ashley really had that candy trail to your bedroom? and pointed to the floor.

i said of course.

she said you cant say of course when your blog says nothing in there is true.

she took a piece of candy and unwrapped it and looked at me when she put it in her mouth.

ive never understood jealousy. ive never been jealous. ive only wanted girls who have me on the top of their list. if someone else is on the top of their list, they should be with that person. anna doesnt get jealous.

she gets even.

why havent you eaten her candy, she said, and opened up another one. it was a mr. goodbar.

ive had some candy, i told her.

she didnt take it out of its little wrapper. she unpeeled it like a little banana.

put her tounge on it then without moving her head shot her attention toward me and put the tip in her mouth.

i stood there holding the mail in my hands.

people who know me know that when a girl is really gorgeous or doing something outrageous i do my best to look away because i can just find myself staring if i dont catch myself.

anna has a way of knocking down my defenses.

plus she wanted me to look. she loves it when i look.

she put the whole thing in her mouth.

then took it out.

it glimmered in the christmas lights that twinkled on the walls.

then she put it back in her mouth.

i have a lot of candy here, i told her.

i have a lot of time, she said.

and thats why i missed the softball game last night, coach.

i swear.

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