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Hello, Tony.

My name’s S–. You may remember me as proprietor of the now-defunct blog “— — — Bandit” which linked to you back during your “100 links or bust” period. I’ve got an odd question for you about “The Ring.”

My wife is emetophobic, i.e. she’s terrified of vomit, vomitting, gagging, nasty throat wounds, etc. We can’t go see a movie before we get a “vomit check,” to ensure that she won’t be stuck seeing someone puke on a 30 foot screen in surroundsound.

So, is there vomitting, etc, in “The Ring”?




Great question.

I don’t get these sorts of questions enough.

The Ring is more creepy than it is scary. Not really twisted, not really gross, not really violent. I didn’t learn until later that it was PG-13, but that made sense to me because it had no nudity, cursing. It played more like a very well educated fright film than a slasher one where you get vomit and bile and little babies ripped from the wombs of the decomposed.

There is one scene where someone pulls a long string from their mouth. I’m not sure if that qualifies as something that would sicken your spouse, but as soon as you see the woman pull something from her mouth, cover your wife’s eyes. It’s more confusing, that scene, than it is sick. But then, again, i’m not emetophobic, so i wouldnt know.

My friend Karisa hates blood, and this movie would be good for her because theres not an awful lot of it.

hope this answers the question,


[ update, i’m being told that that scene also includes dry heaving, so beware ]

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