hi miss serbia

chicago bears fans

hi tony, but i am sorry to say excuse me please but i am miss serbia and montenegro

you’re so damn hot that you won miss serbia and miss montenegro?

no, i am simply representing both countries.

your name is Sanja, which rhymes with mange, which means eat?

i dont understand the question.

did you like the Matrix, miss serbia?

i liked the original matrix, but not so much the second one, but then i saw it again and liked it much better, yes.

do you like italian men?

no. i like french men.

i believe this interview is over.

and pale skin african american men.

suddenly we have a little more time.

and men named tony.

do you like my little paunch?

may i touch it? yes, i like it, and it is little.

ok, thats not my paunch.

what’s that? shazam!

is that a good shazam or a bad shazam?

shazams are never bad, tony.

what’s life like in serbia and montenegro?

war-torn, rugged, spectacular, unforgetable.

so youre saying if i would propose to you right now and make you an american you would do it in a second?

in a heartbeat, belly boy.

how do you say goodbye and thank you for holding me during this whole interview in serbian.

i like to say it with a kiss.

moxie + fragrant + sk smith

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