its fucked up and cloudy and gray and noisy and monday

here in the city of angels and i cant say im in the very best moods.

on paper i really should be. on paper i should be one of the happiest people around. but theres a reason we play the game, now, isn’t there.

i think my head is as gray as the horizon because my best friends sorta ditched me this weekend.

one is in love, the other… well, its not so unusual.

it looks like there might be some major changes in the busblog and i need these two people to give me advice and clarity and encouragement. i don’t rely on that many people and im not one to really whine about friends so maybe i should shut it.

anyhow, anna, im sure you’re in love with enrique, and i know this is your honeymoon, but you told me that you were going to help me with the redesign. this is no time to go off and get hitched.

today i don’t want to be at the xbi but i have to go in earlier than normal. that blows.

i get to leave earlier than normal so that’s fine.

sometimes i think people totally understand where im coming from, then i think people don’t understand me at all.

i think im so easy to get along with.

gray skies of hollywood why do you cover my dear city so?

if i wanted this shit i would still be living in frisco.

i still haven’t seen the matrix two, i still haven’t seen bruce almighty, or nemo, or anything.

i have to cover for this guy in security and as i type this every two seconds a door opens behind me and its distracting and jarring cuz nobody should have a desk with a door behind them. not in this business.

i got hbo restored to my directv a few weeks ago and its been nice watching reruns of the sopranos.

yesterday was the first day that furio worked in america.

lane + jimmy t + lane + layne

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