because i like to space out when i run around hollywood at night

i bought two cds last night

i got Rihanna’s new one cuz she my girl. and i got Adam Lambert’s because he my american idol.

both are stinky records.

i think theres something wrong with me in that i hate records when i first listen to them.

the Glambert one is really horrible. all the edge he had on Idol is glossed over. its super lame. part of me wishes that he had held on to some mystery in the days after he lost Idol. i say that because everything is just poppy and glammy without any true rock toughness.

he was the bad boy when he was surrounded by all those wannabes, but now that he’s doing his new thing theres nothing bad about him other than these horrible songs.

meanwhile Rihanna has a good reason to be dark and crazed and wild and in a way, free, this would be a good time to do that.

instead she whines about how her ex Chris Brown blew it, how she still loves him, and then she puts out the dares to the “rude boys”, asking them if they’re “big enough” for her.

is she insane?

the song is good though, but it would be better from somewhere else, or on a B-sides record. so much of her material on this new things would fall in the “too soon” category.

however the lesbian-centered “Te Amo” is perfect here. Dont ask why.

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