dear tony, did you know beyonces little sister

wrote a song about you?

i have to take my car to a new repair shop tomorrow.

they should reform auto care.

computer care too, while theyre at it.

once upon a time i wanted to open a donut store. tonys donuts.

best part about tonys donuts, other than the arcade in the roof, was the repair shop.

because in the repair shop, not only did they fix your car, but for any repair over $200, we’d fix something on your computer for free.

need to install that new OS? wanna get a bigger hard drive? or speed up your computer with ram or a good wiping of the harddrive? fine, then let us fix something good. or buy a set of tires.

and we’ll give you a dozen free donuts.

as nice as it would be to be beyonces brother in law,

id rather know a reliable, reasonable mechanic.

or know where theres a killer donut store.

for i dont think either of them are ready for this jelly.

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