there are very few movies i want to see more than Kick Ass

this is their new trailer. they had an earlier one that was pretty incredible but super NSFW that i wanted to place on this blog but the Internet Standards Conventions prevented it.

however if you promise not to watch this at work nor tell any one where you saw it from then perhaps if you follow this link all will be fine. (theres swearing)

wanna know the best news though? its gonna premiere at the SXSW Film Fest which omg i will be attending. maybe every single one of you should come with.

wait what?

whenever i feel bad about myself, which is more often than youd think,

i watch really rich people in suits on tv.

usually the ones with the most power, influence, and fanciness

say the most interesting things.

its almost as if they believe it themselves.

i laugh and i take on the day.

but before you think oh tony you’re patronizing an old man who clearly misspoke


true true, but then what say you of this young lady above

the pretty one who was the white house spokesperson under our last president

who after the ft. hood tragedy in november said almost the same talking points damn thing?

if you dont laugh and feel better about yourself, youre only going to cry.