i thought the same thing when i saw the paper this morning

“The photo of LA on today’s front page of the LA Times is awesome..” @TheREALdbean

“the la times front page is unintentionally the greatest thing ever: MA Sen headline with a picture of an evil dark cloud underneath.” – modernoddity

“The LA Times: have a nice juxtaposition of literal storm clouds and political ones — the story about Scott Brown’s victory is above the picture for one about a menacing storm gathering in LA.” – Gawker

hate to break it to everyone, but i dont think that what theyre seeing was intentional. sadly in LA, when it rains, especially as much as it’s rained this week, it’s big news.

crazy, i know. but welcome to LA.

Matt Welch, its flooding in the LBC!

bro, dont choke on your croissant but your hood is under the waters!

scary part? these last two days were just the warm-up acts.

the babes on the tv newscasts are saying that tonight and tomorrow are when the bigass storms are fixin to come to wash us all away like Calgon.

me, im safe in a six story building, until i go home. then im at the will of the 1920s construction folks who built my lovely abode.

needless to say i sleep in my raincoat.