this is what rain looks like in LA

it looks like a half persian half mexican girl from the oc with a handbag that could probably pay someones rent held over her head to protect her from the occasional drop.

i exaggerate.

there were at least dozens of drops.

we are spoiled here in LA. all this rain we’ve gotten and we’re still in what is considered a drought.

its been in the 60’s here in late January and ive seen all sorts of winter gear and scarves being used by both men and women.

me, im getting into this warm up jacket. its blue with white stripes.

im wearing it now.

what are you wearing?

if dogs could wear clothes, what do you think theyd wear?

thats how i dress.

except for this jacket.

ever see that movie, that adam sandler movie, big daddy? remember how adam sandler let the kid wear whatever he wanted. be it a fire helmet, shorts, and a sweater?


most of its laziness, most of it is not caring one single bit what my neighbors think.

and i hope they dont spend too much time worried what i think of them.

you know what else im addicted to? this is another reason i wasnt destined to be a rock star or eccentric or sculpter. im not addicted to cocaine or sexting, im addicted to soft shell crabs.

i may get a deep fryer just so i could soft shell some crabs.

i love all parts of it. the hotness of the oil, i like the meaty parts and i love all the crazy shell that always ends up in between your disgusting teeth.

my perfect super bowl experience is unbloggable by international law, but some of it involves a kfc bucket filled with soft shell crabs.

and you.

and some of sarahs friends.

the cool kids have done it again:

ladies and gentlemen, the newly improved Homicide Report

hey eric ulken, now fancy guest lecturer in vancouver bc, what do you think?

me, all i gotta say is holy mackeral, not only is the blog tremendous, but the map is so searchable and so flexible with so many ways to cross-reference… miraculous. major props to Sarah Ardalani, Megan Garvey, Thomas Suh Lauder, Maloy Moore, Anthony Pesce, Ken Schwencke, Ben Welsh. as well as Ruben Viles for taking the torch from Jill Leovy who started it all.

heres a companion story that explains something only the map could have revealed about a certain section of south central

and heres to one day never needing such a resource.