ten steps to please lindsay of wisconsin

from the blogger’s mouth

(1) Do not tell me what to do, ever, in regards to anything.

(2) Do not be too nice, for example, do not sneakily commandeer my car while I am vacationing and have it detailed. While the gesture is nice, the methodology is creepy.

(3) Do not demand more of my time than I have already allotted you. I have a very specific rule in regards to dating, especially in its early stages, which requires that I spend no more than three nights, preferably not consecutive, per week with you.

(4) I repeat, do not remark how tall I am every time you see me. I might develop a complex.

(5) You may not ever comment on my love handles nor tell me that my boobs could be bigger. I might hit you.

read the rest of her list of demands here. and take note because something tells me shes not alone on the blogosphere.

im sick. i blame canada

it was probably the sniffling dude next to me in the middle seat of the plane

or all the sniffling and hacking people in the packed plane

or the below zero temps in TO and then the above 70 temps in LA

im a sensitive poet. my body freaks out at the lamest things.

but strangely, on new years eve, when this picture was taken, i slept perfectly fine.

how is any of this possible?