today is lindsays birthday. shes 24

lindsayive got no business knowing her. shes got no business knowing me.

but one day i got an email which i promptly ignored and several month later there was a followup asking if i knew what the heck i was doing.

does anyone know what the heck theyre doing?

so i said sir make a video to prove to me that youre who you claim to be, and lindsay made a short but convincing video and conversation was had and a few months later there she was in hollywood at a party being thrown by canadians.

and the rest is history.

lindsay swears she was born on this day, but how is she not a scorpio.

born in minnesota, raised in minnesota, but while at the crossroads a vision appeared to her saying if you move away from minnesota then the vikings will make it to the super bowl

and she said but im dating a young billionaire and we’re pretty serious.

the spirit said, and you have to break up with bro too.

and the rest is history.

tonight lindsay is in vegas ringing in her new year.


probably buzzed.

and no question, thinking about the busblog.

happy birthday