not sure i would like Ke$ha’s music

but i like the Q&A she did with August Brown

from the Pop & Hiss blog post “Pop phenom Ke$ha: ‘I saw pretension everywhere and I wanted to fight against it'”:

Ke$hsa: This record very accurately documents my last four years of being absolutely broke in L.A. It’s honest, it’s real and I hope people can appreciate it. There was a good pop song in everything I did back then, like the backstabbing girl who stole my car. But the last song, “Animal,” that’s my philosophy on life, and that might be more the direction I go in the future. It’s about remembering that we’re really all just animals, and I indulge that more often than most people. I never said I was going to be the best influence.

Brown: So what should they take away from you instead?

Ke$ha: I’m making sure people know there’s no connection between money and happiness. I remember sitting in the Gold Room with two dollars in change wearing clothes I found in the garbage, but I was surrounded by people that love me. Those were my favorite moments from that time. To this day, if I see a pile of clothes on the side of the road, I’ll still pull over.

yes i know the picture isnt the Gold Room, instead its Gold Diggers, but if everything on this blog was true no one would believe it.

see, people are calling this the Worst Swinger Video Evarzzz

but to me they seem like really sweet people.

im not saying id want to fly to “upstate” south carolina to meet em

im just saying that they just dont realize that having Game is the opposite of being totally sincere.

also motel rooms are almost 100 percent creepy

not to mention the forced two-camera fade situation going down.

i’ll never look at the lady at the library the same again.

hey Tony, I thought you and Flagrant were BFFs

so why doesn’t she follow you on Twitter?

ha! flagrant is one of my favorite (ex) bloggers. but that doesnt mean that we’re bffs.

for example i dont even know if shes a woman. or a real person.

far as i know shes just a character some old tv writer created.

as for obsessing who follows me or doesnt on twitter – youre kidding right?

heres how you should go thru life: close your eyes, think about where you wanna go in life, then mash down the gas as far as it will go and speed in the direction of yr dreams.

almost everything else is a beautiful distraction. especially twitter followers, facebook friends, facebook fans, myspace friends, bank account balances, stock portfolios, and numbers of blog comments.