its not even 1pm

but im listening to the wee small hours sinatra

you can too.

according to wikipedia tom waits calls it one of his favorite albums ever and based the cover art of heart of a saturday night on its cover.

im the opposite of melancholy, which might be the only way to listen to this record. cuz it could be a slippery slope if things arent going yr way.

friday i went to the lakers / clippers game with my old buddy chris. we sat in his kickass lower season ticket seats.

the cops had the nerve to give him a jaywalking ticket as he was crossing pico. i was all wtf. go 5 minutes in any direction of staples and there are actual crimes going down. you wanna ding longtime laker season ticket holders for walking across the street? way to help out the downtown renaissance. definitely pop the rich who we hope fill up that new skyscraper ritz carlton.

last night we were back at staples, this time to see king james take on the clip show. instead of the 40-point beat down the world champs unleashed on them, the clips actually had a 13 point lead late in the game and were only 1 point down with 6 seconds to play in the game, and they had possession.

after the timeout the ball was passed to ucla star baron davis who got a pick from his big man but on the switch was being guarded by their center. instead of using the mismatch as an opportunity to drive the lane and possibly lure a foul or dishing out to the hot hand of rascul butler, he pulled up to attempt to shoot over the 7 foot cav, and basically threw up a forced airball.

the cursed clippers lose again.

we took the subway each way and were introduced to a lot of the unsavory types ive grown used to but my bro from the wesssside was startled by a few to say the least.

we also didnt appreciate the blue line driver, who even though seeing dozens of metroriders frantically trying to buy tickets, pulled away from the station after being there just seconds to drop off passengers. since the pico station is the second to last stop on that line, would it have killed him to wait a full minute or two to pick up these riders?

this is why people are sketched out about public transportation and investing downtown.

for starters.