theres gonna be a day where i figure this all out

total stranger who had just met me 90 minutes previous

basically said to me, “youre an underachiever”

now is that a compliment or a diss or both.

that 90 minutes were probably the only 90 minutes of my day where i wasnt tooting my own horn. instead we talked about him, my dinner companion, and So-crates.

it had been established that i was working for the major newspaper, the companion was without employ, and he was unwilling to disclose his profession.

and yet i was the one who was doing something wrong?

any time he would dodge the question on how he earned his keep, i shouted out CIA

so was he admitting that i saw through his undercover status and i should be using those spidey senses for a living?

or was he simply another from the long line of xbi stalking around in my shadows desperately attempting to convince me to return to the underground.

he wouldnt let me take his picture.

and yet im kneedeep in halfassery?