what are you doing this weekend?

i think im just gonna dry out.

karisa already beat me to my favorite weekend getaway: vegas. but for some reason shes just going for 1 day, and speaking of drying out, she doesnt drink in any month named January, so how fun can that be?

santa barbara is basically under water, so thats not very sexy.

any good movies worth watching this weekend? omg LEGION!

ok so i guess thats what i will do, eat some raw fish with the truest, avoid the raindrops of this fair city, and then taker to see Legion at an overpriced theatre.

life could be worse.

people could accuse me of writing poems for child molesters, for example.


you know the nice thing about trolls. it means youre getting hits.

i havent checked my sitemeter in years. but the best way to judge if youre gaining reach is to read your comments and see if any idiots are out there writing stuff in your box.

it tells you two things: if you are getting traffic, and if you are ruling.

one of those things must be happening.

or maybe just one moron wants me to pay attention.

either way, after it rains, a mariah carey appears.