anna’s not talking to me

it’s nothing new.

she says she wants to be my friend. then she’ll lick my neck when i kiss her cheek goodnight.

she says she wants to hang out with me, then she flies off to wherever she goes without even an adios.

some people would get upset about these sorts of things, but not me, which is why, i suppose that we’ve been able to have such a good relationship for all this time.

tonight chris’s sister is in town from oregon so we’re going to take her to a fancy LA restaurant and then get some yucks at the Comedy Store on sunset cuz they dont have those sorts of things in the woods Up North.

im very happy to live in LA.

but i think i would be able to live quite nicely there in central oregon.

no one would bother me except the klan and the wild turkeys and the deer.

i would smoke my pipe in the morning, write, wrestle up some grub, brush my teeth, eat, fish, come back and take a nap, fish, and write some more.

yes, i know, hemingway tried to live that sort of life after living in some cool cities and it made him blow his brains out, they say. but i dont think so.

i think he blew his brains out because he wasnt surrounded by awesome friends.

im very much enjoying this Laker parade as it winds its way through downtown.

two quick comments: Kobe’s krazy wife is a friggin knockout. i never knew really why he married her, but now i do. damn, bro.

the other news that somehow slipped this site is that long time Laker AC Green who was a vocal virgin was married two months ago, he reports.

AC holds the NBA record for consecutive games played (1,192 straight games), but really the 39 year streak of no nookie… is that something to be proud of? maybe.

i dont think so, though.

the easiest thing to say in the world is no.

but still, im happy that now AC gets to make up for some lost time.

maybe he can make a new video now.

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