at least guns, cigarettes and Ticketmaster’s monopoly are still legal.

kitten today some pussy ass federal appeals court in Frisco ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional.

i keep telling you people, anything is possible.

i wont even get into the ridiculousness of this nonsense since im sure all the cool lawyers with blogs will rip this apart in many ways in a much more educated manner.

but, thanks for the fodder, frisco. at least now bloggers can write about something other than calling newspaper columnists asswipes for dissing blogging.

and since this is probably the only blog you’ll click to written by a Christian minister, simply put, i think that spirituality is a Vitally important part of a human being’s experience on Earth.


deny it all you want, this country was built on many of the good foundations of Christianity but the words “one nation under God” is so watered-down and bogus that only a bunch of pasty asses in a courtroom by the bay could find something wrong with it. But you know what they say, seek and ye shall find.

yes, kids shouldnt be forced to do anything religious that they dont want to do, but when was the last time a kid really was forced to do shit in school?

and isnt the Pledge a nazish indoctrination anyway? and a highly ineffective one at that? how many of us LOVE america because of standing up with our hands over our tits mumbling some robotic drivel at 7:50 in the morning when we were 10?

kids are better at resisting orders than anyone. thats why theyre not in the Army.

frisco, hang your heads in shame. if some freaking foreigner tried to rip the Good Word from our great land, we as a whole would rise up and defnd it in a fight that would be talked about for eternity.

but when this group of “Americans,” or that group, or the courts slowly nibble away at it like vermin, we sit on our hands like doped-up vagrants waiting for our superheroes to appear above the horizon.

ain’t none on the horizon, Believers of God, ain’t none.

drink your microbeers on the Marina, youre the court that brought down Napster.

youre the court that will get slapped in the face by the Supreme Court.

youre the court that people will point at and laugh in the very near future.

everyone knows that making kids say Anything in school isnt a state endorsement of shit. does the state endorse that homo Shakespeare when they make kids stand up and recite Macbeth?

Nine months later Allah has won another round.

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