the best part about blogs

is not the fact that lots of strangers get to read your stuff and tell you that they think it’s good, it’s that you get to read their good stuff and learn from them.

bunny foo foo from Pan Trogs Blog links to an informative page describing How To Diaper A Monkey.

David from floor pie has a sweet little photo essay on going camping in the redwoods. if only i could find someone to do that with… sigh.

oliver willis has a petition that he’d like you to sign so that he could become Maxim’s Blogger. Me, i’d rather be Maxim’s photo editor.

for lunch the fellas took me to the Farmer’s Market and i had a dozen crawfish and a side of jumbalaya.

if anyone ever says that LA doesnt have it all, they have never lived here.

or theyre so dilluted they even think that the Nets could take the Lakers.

either way, i pity the fools.

tonight’s monday and i have nothing to do and i have nowhere to be and i really wish that there was monday night football on tonight but it’s the summer so maybe i can take an old friend to a cool bowling alley right down my street that has been in movies and junk but for some reason i havent been to yet.

oh look, the LA Examiner is reporting that the LA Unified School District wants to emminent domain the sweet alley.


drive around my neighborhood and you’ll see lots of places where the LAUSD could build classrooms, why would they want to fuck with a bowling alley?

i see a photo essay happening soon.

Marc Weisblott has seen the future of television, and has reviewed it.

just for you.

yes, you.

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