beyonce called me and said,

“you’re such a player you’ll have a new babe in no time, dont be sad.”

i said, im no player, thats just my marketing team.

she said, “well get your team in gear, you only have 35 new links. it’s 20 days until july 9th and you need 65 more links. what’s your plan?”

i said, “i aint got no plan. the plan is to ride off into the sunset.”

she said, “three a day.”

i said. “no way can i get three a day.”

she said, “how’s your girl anna doing?”

i said, “anna lost 7-6 (4), 3-6, 1-6 to Rita Grande of Italy at the Eastbourne tournament.”

beyonce said, “clay?”

i said, “no, this is a warm-up for Wimbledon, so it’s on grass.”

she said, “oh, isnt that the tournament that Martina Navratilova signed up for for her comeback?”

i said, “yeah, she signed up and she won her first match.”

beyonce said, “martina won and anna didnt? that’s pretty sad.”

i said, “yup.”

she said, “i like her in yellow.”

i said, “yep.”

she said, “are you doing okay?”

i said, “yep.”

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