good morning, good morning

sitting at the subway station waiting for the train, this guy behind me is clipping his finger nails.

if theres one sound i dont like its that one.

perhaps the issue i have with that sound is that when people clip their nails in public, rarely do they tidy up after themselves, so whats left behind is a small pile of — ugh its too sick to even think about.

so i wanted to tell this guy off so i turn around and he looks like he just got out of jail, and i look at his wrist and theres a wristband there that says he DID just get out of jail but you know what, sometimes there is a little bit of courage that just spills out and i look at him and his clippers and the sick little pile at his feet and i gave him such a dirty look.

and the fucker stopped.

later i realized the guy was probably on probation and didnt want to get thrown back in the hole over something so dumb, but he tried to intimidate me and it didnt work.

got on the train and over the PA i heard the pleasant voice of my favorite black conductor who almost sings his greeting, “hello hello what a great day today is going to be…”

i think ive told you about this guy before.

“it’s Tuesday and thats Our Day, so dont forget to treat yourselves like kings and queens.”

its hard not to smile when you ride on this guy’s train.

made me forget about all of my problems.

made me forget that i spent most of the evening trudging through “The Hamptons”

made me forget about my poor Cubs’s record.

“a day like today just makes me want to feel the energy pop from the doors. treat yourselves right today people. wilshire and vermont.”

and for some reason i wanted to see how my old broken down escalator was doing, so instead of switching trains, i got out of the subway and chose to ride the bus down wilshire and before i got to the bus, i saw that the escalator that we all know so well was now fixed.

it only took a year and a half, but it was fixed and it was taking all the kings and queens from the metro station to vermont avenue.

and maybe tonight i’ll go bowling.

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