great idea of the week #1

m&m’s doesnt need to worry about gimmicky new colors.

they already have the greatest m&m color: green.

even little kids knows what will happen if you eat a bunch of green m&m’s, nothing, but that doesnt stop the legend from being propigated and revered.

therefore, why isnt m&m/mars selling individual packs full of solely green m&m’s?

if you were about to go on a hot date, or wanting to appear sassy, or wanting to give a certain someone a tiny little chuckle and hint, or wanting to make a blushable girl blush– what better than a handful of green?

people who know me, like my mom, love to give me sacks and sacks of the candies that melt in your mouth, not in your hands, and when im not busy fending for my life after wave after wave of advances from visiting cheerleaders and brain surgeons of all nationalities but one familiar gender, im separating my m&m’s so that i can have a naughty little bowl of green m&m’s available when that always cool supergirl investigates my living quarters for the first time.

tell me you wouldnt pick up a nice big sack of green covered chocolates for your friends.

thats tonights brilliant idea.

come back to us next time when we bring you another.

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