have i ever told you that i love people who dress up in Spider-Man outfits

and illegally climb up skyscrapers? i do.

this morning i was seeing how my favorite escalator is fairing (it’s fine) and as i was emerging from the depths of wilshire and western i heard all these car horns beeping as if there was a traffic accident that people were upset about.

my commuting pal asked if maybe they were happy because of mexico in a world cup game. i said, “didnt we beat the shit out of mexico?”

we, like i had anything to do with it. like i even care.

and then it dawned on me that we were in the heart of koreatown, and Lo, there was a young man in a red shirt standing proudly through the sun roof of a gold Lexus holding a huge south korean flag giving the thumbs up to his fellow koreans as they celebrated an apparent victory in the big soccer game that all you kids seem to want to be excited about.

former Daily Nexus writer Martin Boer wrote a story yesterday in the Financial Times about the USA/Mexico game that you should all read immediately.

If you care.

Which I don’t.

But I love Martin, cuz he’s dutch and he introduced me to his mom who i think is psychic cuz she predicted jeanine and I breaking up.

and he’s the real brains behind Gauchos in Cyberspace, which I need to update on my Gauchos page, which I havent in a while, my apologies. I like the list, but i also hate it because it makes me feel like all my genius friends have leap-frogged my skinny ass, and im incredibly competetive. except for the times, like now, where im lazy lazy lazy. and i was thinking about making July “kick the ass out of everyone Month” but then someone loaded a bowl and i went back to flipping the channels.

Ready for the Brilliant Idea of the Week #2: Krispy Kreme needs to immediately open up shops on Hollywood/Highland, Downtown Disney, Universal City Walk, and Venice Beach.

I don’t know why the hell they’re dragging their feet, but they are. It’s a friggin DONUT STORE, people. strike while the iron’s hot.

Maybe Magic Johnson needs to invest. He’s opening two 24 Hour Fitnesses today.

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