have i told you i have the greatest friends?

i do.

kate has finally started a rock n roll blog. shes a famous music journalist and her blog is so cool, and it’s only just begun.

dan is sara’s main squeeze and he has a new blog. you know sara because i link to her and if you didnt read her post yesterday about getting drunk with the Lampoon boys during her stint at Harvard, you’re missing out. i would love more of these stories, btw, since that is a world that i will probably never even visit. so educate us. and its always nice to know that the normal fugly guys can get smooched by the hotties too.

ian knows more about art noise punk rock pop than i will ever, and hes a hippie and hes a vegan, so how cant you love him?

mc brown’s site is one that i go to every day. even though i disagree with him about Tearing Down a Bowling Alley for a school, i still admire his mad skillz and his always-terrific photography.

amy doesnt write nearly enough, but i guess she can say the same for me. shes one of the coolest people ever.

and last, but not least, is Rabbit, who is an aquaintence, since we’ve never been in each other’s homes, and have only talked at parties together, we have lots of mutual friends and are basically neighbors. but shes a fantastic writer, and far hotter than that chick who beat her for hottest babe blogger or whatever craziness that was. and speaking of craziness she is going to post on her blog every hour today, so she says, so stay tuned.

hopefully she will still have something to say after i get back from my dentist appointment this evening (around 7ish) so that i can interview her for you, the good people of the web.

p.s. after you fall in love with these sites, please dont completely abandon me, come back from time to time to say hi.

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