i was born a catholic

.. mmm not really. i was baptisted catholic.

no priest ever touched me. which isnt to say that some didnt touch others, or worse. who doesnt think that some of them did? it just never happened to me, thankfully.

i was baptised catholic. during holidays i would get taken to church. once i went to sunday school and they gave us a hershey bar when it was over. fair enough trade, if you ask me.

my grandmother used to take me to the national cathedral in dc. when i was 15 i thought that a drivers liscense was the only thing that was keeping me from going to church every day. when i was 21 i visited the vatican and they charged me $20 for a roll of film.

at around 23-24 i finished the bible for the first time and i realised that there was nothing in there about nuns or popes or cardinals or confession or most of the things that makes up catholicism, so i became a christian.

a few years later i became ordained.

im not a good minister, but i am one, but dont be impressed.

still, i have to say this for the catholics, whatever they did during their run, they made the “catholic skirt” the sexiest peice of clothing every young woman should have in her wardrobe.

regardless of her spiritual beliefs.

you’d think a perv like xknight would have had a catholic girl skirt contest by now, but im sure he will one of these days.

in related news, “american idol” is starting to suck.

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