jacklyn said, why dont you put more pictures of hot guys

on your blog?

i said, flea isnt good enough?

she said, flea’s good, but what about someone like Dave Navarro or Tommy Lee?

i said, how about Johnny Knoxville?

she said, perfect!

i said, but don’t you think, thats sorta, ummmmm, gay?

she said, tony, nobody who stumbles across this blog would ever think that you’re gay.

i said, really?

she said, hello. i usually have to clean my hands after i read it because the testosterone gets all over me.

i said, ok.

she said, do you like johnny knoxville?

i said, yeah, i do. i can see why girls like him, cuz he looks like dylan and–

she said, bob dylan?

i said, no, my friend Dylan, from Champion, or whatever their name is.

she said, oh, i dont think ive met him yet. cutie!

and i said, uh yeah, so i think guys dont feel threatened by johnny because he will be dead in about a week and a half.

she said, dont say that.

and, i said, yeah, and i doubt that his weiner works anymore.

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