karisa says i didnt write much today

little does she know that i dont do any of the writing here. my staff just got back from their kabutz and theyre still a tad jet-lagged.

karisa and i have a pretty cool deal going. i never thought that i would ever have a friend who was a girl and pretty cute (sometimes) who i would actually prefer being “just friends” with, as if every cool girl needed to be a conquest or it was somehow a failure.

keeping a good friendship, especially during the turbulent dot com era that we got to know each other, is somewhat of a conquest.

and then there was the ongoing pleas and cries that she would deliver upon me night after night begging for me to be her “man”. the late night arguements outside of my front gates where i spoke to her through my security box telling her to take her drunken ass home or i was going to …

well, needless to say, we’re friends, she might want more from me sometimes, i might want certain things from her sometimes (like for her to sew the curtains in my smoking chamber that she promised more than a year ago), etc.

you know im writing this myself when i type “etc.” the writers never leave me hanging with that shit.

anyhow, for your delight, here are some of karisa’s daydreams today in LA, a beautiful afternoon…perhaps you have some of the same wishes:

“whoa. i cannot believe you just said that about the hammock and a backyard

and 2 palm trees….. i was just outside walking with merle and said that i

wished that on the roof of the building that there was grass, 2 trees and a

hammock….but i wanted a mini-wading pool instead of a mister!

“holy shit.

“right now i would rather be outside in the heat,

swinging a hammer, sweating from doing manual labor, and having a physical

finished product that people can enjoy for years to come.

“i would give up this shit any day for equal pay.

“i was sad about jesse ventura too. apparently, his 22 year old son has been

throwing way too many parties in the governors mansion!!!

“shit, it was a good thing my dad was not the president!!!

“i love the home depot.

“i love this weather.

“i love that i have a very SLIGHT tan and that i didn’t blowdry my hair after

i got out of the shower this morning.

“and i love that i look like i just woke up.

“i hate that i lost my sunglasses and i am getting one new crow’s feet per


“and i wish that i did laundry yesterday.


a nice woman who’d rather be outside with a hammer doing good for the planet, what’s better than that?

how about a guy from Turkey saying that this is the best Blog in the world?

and lastly, but not leastly, these are two sites that linked me for the first time today, but didnt put me on the left-hand side permanantly, so it doesnt “count,” but i apprecate it anyway so you should check them out.



i am lucky even to be honored to be on your blogs, nice people blogging at home.

or on your screens.

or on the other side of your emails.



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