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amy sends me this story of interest because she knows the only tshirts i sell through this site are those from tshirthell, cuz they rock (and cuz they flow me $4 a shirt, so buy up, cheapskates):

Online T-Shirt Seller Sues the Osbournes for $15 Million Tuesday, June 04, 2002, 10:27 AM ET

An online t-shirt seller has filed a $15 million dollar trademark infringement lawsuit against Ozzy Osbourne, accusing him of swiping a T-shirt slogan for use in the hit MTV show, “The Osbournes.”

The Alley-based T-shirt seller has also named Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne, Sony Music and Epic Records as part of the lawsuit.

The suit alleges that the company T-shirt which reads “Fuck My Family, I’m Moving in with the Osbournes!” began selling online on its website back in March. Soon after, the suit alleges, Ozzy Osbourne’s record label, Epic records, purchased $500 worth of the shirts from’s website for promotional purposes.

Then two months after the sale, the Osbournes started selling a shirt with “nearly the exact same slogan” as the original shirt, according to the lawsuit.

The Osbournes released two versions of their shirt in retail and online stores worldwide, a censored version which reads: “*$@# My Family. I’m Moving in with the…Osbourne Family” and an uncensored version with the same slogan.

The lawsuit seeks to stop the Osbournes from selling their shirt, and have all profits from the offending shirt turned over to, besides the $15 million dollars in damages.

More on press release announcing the lawsuit.

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