pssssst, what are your plans for the weekend, tony?

ah, thanks for asking.

well they are having that Summer Solstice Parade in Santa Barbara, and if i rented a car and drove up there, i have a sneaking suspicion that i could pick up fellow Gaucho Meeeeesh on the way and get her toasted on State Street.

But im terribly shy, so thats definately out of the question.

The Boston Red Sox are in town squaring off against the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine.

But I hate the AL and im still on the fence about this whole interleague thing.

Ashley has a few days off this weekend, and i could rent a car and visit her.

But she seems to be enjoying herself with the 3RD! gentleman caller of the week. Lucky girl.

So I guess I will sit at home and update my Links page and make this blog nicer looking, seeing as it will be gone in about three weeks, unless 58 new links appear magically.

By the way, can you believe what sort of company Jarvis put me in? Gracias Senior!

And I will probably finish Layne’s “Dot Con” which I am enjoying immensely although the character Brendon D. Pierce Jr. disturbs me, slightly, since he is a blabber mouth stool pigeon frat boy who will probably be killed off in a gruesome manner.. one could only hope.

But I have laughed out loud from nearly every page. Which is quite an acheivement since I am a sullen reserved gentleman who rarely even picks up a book that isnt on the NY Times Best Sellers list.

Which Dot Con should definately reside.

I swear to you it’s a great novel. Click the link quickly!

Anyhow, once i finish touching up my dumb page here, i will put out some fires and clean my shower.

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