theres gonna be a big parade here in LA

for your back-to-back-to-back world champeen los angeles lakers.

last night i got invited to see the space station fly across the friendly skies, of all things. and no one else wanted to do anything with me last night, so i said, y not.

Heres what our instructions were:

The International Space Station with the Space Shuttle Endeavour

docked to it will pass directly over Los Angeles tonight.

They will look like one bright slowly-moving star, and this is a good

chance to see them.

Face the northwest at 9:45 p.m. on Thursday the 13th, and look just above the horizon for what will look like a slowly moving airplane, but without flashing running lights, appearing as bright as the brightest stars (magnitude -0.8). It gains altitude, and a minute later passes to the left of the Big Dipper, just missing the bowl. It is directly overhead at 9:47 p.m. It continues on, passing left of the bright star Arcturus, and then fades out just before 9:48 p.m., still high in the southeast, when it moves into the earth’s shadow.

got picked up, drove up vermont to griffith park, expected a lot of people and traffic and space station viewers but we may have been the only ones there for that.

the griffith park observatory might be closed for a few years for renovations, but the stars and the incredible view of the city needs no improvements, it was beautiful and very clear.

unfortunately neither of us had a watch so now and then we thought we saw the space station but it was just a plane.

then, we spotted it, and it wasnt as bright as the north star, which was super bright last night, but it was bright and it was at the horizon and three minutes later it was directly above our heads so let me tell you, that thing was booking and thats something i dont understand.

how can something that is way up in space speed across the sky faster than a plane going from the valley to LAX?

see what happens when you write poems during science class?

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