two reasons im happy to have a blog

the first reason is so i can tell you that my favorite fast food restaurant of all time KFC is giving away a small serving of Popcorn Chicken from noon-2pm, so sorry kids, only those in the PST will be able to take advantage of this terrific treat. Thanks Chris for the tip!

now, i dont read Salon unless Rabbit is writing, but Vodka Pundit has a link to a story that is quite fascinating. Turns out women like semen!

According to the story, women who dont use condoms are happier than women who do use them.

As someone who practices ultra safe sex, this puts me in quite a quandry.

Or it means that the grande finale needs to be… well…

See why i dont read Salon? Although, now we know how Rod got all those chicks. They were after the quart of jizz in his belly.

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