what can you say about a girl that everyone only has nice things to say about?

more nice things.

chris works at the last dot com in all of america. shes the star of the show over there. theyve made her player of the year two consecutive years in a row and she totally deserves it. shes a great employee, a great boss, a great co-worker.

for me, she has been the most fantastic friend. she lets me borrow her car to go meet hot babeS, she takes me out to dinner and doesnt let me pay, she reads great books and tells me about them.

lately shes been turning herself into a high fashion model wooing all the boys from here to the border.

chris loves good movies. shes a good movie-goer. she’ll see almost anything, and she’ll be honest about it.

without her, i would never have gotten into Blade. she went to Blade 2 with me the other day and it was her second time going but she loved it.

then we had thai.

i’ll always love my sweet girl from wherever shes from.

email her here and share the love.

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