what some of my friends are writing about this morning:

“There aren’t many places that are as moody as San Francisco. Not in the same way, at least.

“To quote a character from a story I threw out a while back: You spend your time on the same couple of tired blocks and you think that’s all there is to the city, until it sneaks up on you and you see what Tony Bennett was talking about.

“San Francisco is the ex-girlfriend you can’t shake: she’s kind of shallow, and you never really got along, but then you catch a glimpse of her somewhere and it just about kills you.

“And you have to be nice because you’ve got the same friends.” – sksmith

“Let Tony Go

“Tony Pierce, who writes a great blog, announced a couple weeks ago that he’s going to stop writing it. His loyal readers have been up in arms, and there’s been different contests to see if Tony’s fans can persuade him to keep up the good work.

“But maybe Tony should stop. He’s an incredibly smart and creative guy with loads of writing talent. If Tony stops the blog, it won’t be long before he comes up with something completely new and provoking.

“There was much sadness in the land when Ken Layne pulled the plug on Tabloid.net in 1999, but now he’s working on his second novel and doing other interesting things.

“So give Tony a chance.” – amy langfield

“Hire My Rocker Friend!: A longtime friend and ex-bandmate, who is a sweet & smart chap with extensive web-designing, set-building and coffee-pouring experience, recently sent along this group e-mail:

Hey, does anyone know of any job type situations for an out of work musician?

Anything will help. Thanks.

“If any of you L.A. readers have spare jobs dangling from your sleeves, please let me know.” – matt welch

“Pas de posts pendant quelques jours. Je pars en reportage dans l’Arizona couvrir les feux de for’t.” – emmanuelle

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