while the lakers were winning

the ugliest playoff game ive ever seen in my life, my little sister was having a baby.

a combination of love, perserverance, luck, courage, and science, last night shelby g. was born to a world bursting with millions of possibilities.

7 pounds 6 ounces, half black, half white, born to david and angela, midwesterners living across the street from my mom, devoted to chicago sports, animals, chinese food and suburbia.

im sure i will have pics of shelby soon, but in the meanwhile why dont you check out a guy proposing to a woman in a karoke bar.

speaking of the lakers game– how is it that i can get a less than good review from my employer, and yet the nba referees get to fly first class, stay in plush hotels and get to make ten times more than i get and yet they suck.

did the regular season mean nothing to these people?

is the nba giving them bonuses for each ridiculous call?

after this game, any sacto fan who wants to cry could.

sad part was, even while being handed the game by the refs, the lakers still barely won.

that scares me.

but if the lakers stop feeding the big fella, they’re insane. shaq should touch the ball every other time down the court.

if not more.

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