who’s the luckiest man in america?

me. but you knew that.

i had a great weekend this weekend and i hope you did too.

summer finally came to the tri-counties and it couldnt have come at a better time.

so what do i do? me and chris and chris’s sister went to the fancy-dancy $14 movie theatre and finally saw Spider-Man. what a great movie! totally made me wanna see Army of Darkness and Evil Dead 2 again — which laid the groundwork for the cool parts of Spider-Man.

why havent any of the reviewers said anything like that? maybe they did, i wouldnt know, i dont read the reviews until i see the film.

anyhow, im in a terrific mood and i can barely contain it.

mostly cuz i have you on my blog reading my words, and that makes me so happy.

im bummed that i missed emmanuelles sweet party, but i made due.

maybe one day the cheerleaders will let me tell you.

but i think ive said too much already.

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