this is gonna break the hearts of the newsprint haters

but theyre fighting the wrong fight anyways and their deathclocks are demented on principle.

but in a story that ran in todays paper, an independent non-profit study determined that most news comes from the same old channels it’s always come through: beat reporters on newspapers, tv, and radio. An excerpt:

About two-thirds of articles that did break new ground came from newspapers. Television news accounted for about 28% of the stories that offered new information, with radio providing 7%. The study included websites affiliated with these traditional media sources.

Digital-only outlets accounted for just 4% of original pieces of reporting: One report came from a local blog, and the other was breaking news disseminated by a police Twitter feed.

shoudlnt be a surprise to anyone who is soberly observing the media landscape, and those naysayers will gladly instead move the discussion to the fact that fewer stories are being reported out, but when you think about stories like the most recent one about the USC football coach bolting for the NFL, that story broke not on ESPN (and not even on the LA Times) but on the LA Daily News.

proof that there is still competition in LA. newspaper competition.

because im the blog editor of a newspaper company im happy to report that the story first broke on the LA Daily News’ USC blog, but that thing wouldnt exist if not for the newspaper. and it is a ink stained reporter who keeps that blog.

so yes blogging is part of the mix. but it isnt mutually exclusive from the paper.

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