people tell me their secrets

and to me thats more flattering than anything

they trust me and thats such a blessing. they confide in me and listen and im honored.

sometimes they just lift their tops and say step right in my heart.

obvs thats fascinating as all get out when it happens esp when i dont think ive earned that level of respect & frankness.

but you know whats equally amazing? when folk who should completely trust me dont. peeps who have seen me do my thing under pressure, when the s goes down, when the fit hits the shans and watch me remain calm and cool.

wouldnt you think that those people would be ok sonnys a solid dude, the genuine article, the real deal, lets believe in him?

but they dont.

instead they’ll put all their eggs in the biggest phony baloneys basket like i just gave them a $3 bill, and i promise you im not saying this in a whiny way, cuz i dont care, im just watching, and frankly it’s their trip. i know who i am.

it’s just mindboggling when intelligent minds see someone who they know is consistent and true, but choose everything else instead. intentionally. w/o spite.

crazy for any of us to compare ourselves with the messiah, but one reason i love the Good Book is because if you read it, not even closely, but just read it, you’ll see that anything effed up that has happened to you has happened to the Lord God Jesus except way worse.

but there was Jesus, walking on water, healing the sick, turning loaves and fishes into sashimi and sake; and when push came to shove ZERO of his disciples believed in him. like really.

peter the alleged Rock dissed him three times before the cock crowed, phillip was all hey Jesus before the Romans kill you can you show us The Father, and even modern day Christians refuse to love and trust and lay down their arms the way the Prince of Peace preached – but they’ll sure wear the cross and plaster that fish on the back of their mini van and quote from this passage or that one to give the impression that theyre something, when theyre pretty much the opposite.

so how can i take it personally when it happens to lil ole me:

a dull old blogger from the streets.

no one said this do-se-do of birth school work death was going to make any sense

or be fair or logical or fun all the time.

and what i love about Jesus is he promises it’ll definitely suck for everyone

for longer than we expected.

so hang on and love those while theyre loving you back.

and dont be the dumbass u hate.