theres a new social network popping up around universities

its got a cute name, Like A Little, and apparently a great start

but my question is do young women really talk that way or is the success of this site the fact that people of all walks can talk about each other without the fear of namecalling and discrimination?

im usually against anonymity because i think we as people should work on our individual levels of courage instead of hide in fear, but i can see how this could be a useful stepping stone

where were you at 6am this morning?

mark horvath, @hardlynormal, a man who justly won $50,000 earlier this year for his hard work putting a spotlight on homelessness, made his way to glendale this morning to show the conditions hundreds of poor people were shoved out into because bureaucrats decided not to have a meeting friday, he alleges.

all day on twitter i have been celebrating this long sustained rainstorm dumping down on the city of Angels, ignorant to the fact that there are tens of thousands of people cold and wet all around me without shelter.

while there is no easy solution to cure homelessness in the immediate future, mr horvath rightfully shows how thousands could have stayed asleep, safe, and dry this morning when most of us were enjoying the sleep of the just.