2010 thru pics

next stop February

lapd, feb 2
no one thought that if you put a tent over freshly planted palm trees that theyd wither and die, until it started to happen

wilton & santa monica, feb 6
somehow this business went out of business

sunset & western, feb 7
while eating a mcrib in the parkinglot of the FoodsCo i didnt see any seagulls, then i saw this.

city hall, feb 9
turned out to be rainbow week

next door to florentine gardens, hollywood blvd, feb 11
let freedom sing

kenneth hahn park, feb 12
i was asked to take a picture for a postcard

target parking lot, burbank, feb 26
turned out to be rainbow month. they even appeared when babes burped.

vons, los feliz, feb 27
sheep getting frisky at the checkout stand